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You have arrived at the Region One website for the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) of Freemasonry for Australia. We trust you find the information contained within informative and inspiring.

A Most Valuable Resource

Whether you are a member of the AASR, a Master Mason interested in learning about the Rite, or someone motivated to begin their journey through Freemasonry, you will find this website a most valuable resource.

Region One

Although this website represents Region One, as defined by the Supreme Council 33° for Australia, the information contained within is common to the other seven Regions across the continent.


The Craft

Candidates for Freemasonry are admitted in a Craft Lodge where they are welcomed to the 1st Degree, Entered Apprentice Freemason. Following a period of education, contemplation, and mentoring, progression is invited to be passed to the 2nd, or Fellow Craft Degree, and finally to the 3rd, or Master Mason Degree.

On being raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason, advancement is now open, if sought, to progress through the various offices of the Lodge.

Progression through the offices, particularly if completed in sequence, is  designed to incrementally develop and nurture future leaders, regardless of the member’s academic or life experience. This model, established by the ancient framers is intended to provide, in a supportive environment and without prejudice, the opportunity for all members to acquire the necessary skills and experience to one day lead their Lodge with confidence, compassion, humility and sincerity.

These skills, and genuine self-development opportunities, underpin the Craft’s honourable and often quoted mission, to ‘make good men better‘. Further, to make good men better fathers, partners, and respected members of our local and global community.

If you wish to be admitted to a Craft Lodge I invite you to enquire directly with the Grand Lodge governing your State or Country.

The Scottish Rite

The Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite is the largest global Masonic Order after the Craft. The Rite, often referred to in best-selling novels and block-buster Hollywood movies, is the Masonic Order that offers progression to the legendary and often mischaracterised 33rd Degree.

Master Masons of good standing in their Craft Lodge may petition to be admitted to the Rite.

The AASR is unique in that it holds a complete and sequenced journey of Masonic discovery within one Order – a Rite by definition.

The Degrees share and consolidate the teachings of various Masonic Orders and include: the completion of the Hiramic legend; lessons of philosophical and judicial importance; and noble behaviors and character traits founded on chivalry, honour and integrity.

In Australia, and unlike the Craft where each State or Territory has its own Grand Lodge, the jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite for Australia spans the entire continent. Therefore, the conduct of meetings are common and familiar regardless of where a member may travel across the nation.

If you are a Master Mason and wish to petition to be admitted to the Rite, I invite you to continue, and share with your peers, your journey through this most valuable, informative, and highly authoritative online resource.

Not a Freemason? Contact Your Grand Lodge Today!

The Links page contains the addresses for all Australian Grand Lodges. If you are international just use Google. Enquiries can only be accepted by the Grand Lodge presiding over your State or Country. You must be a Freemason before you can join the Scottish Rite.