The Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite

of Freemasonry for Australia

Region One

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Unlock the ancient secrets of Freemasonry and embark on a transformative journey by joining the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR). Immerse yourself in the rich history and tradition of the Scottish Rite – the largest Masonic Order after the Craft – and access a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and brotherhood that will truly enhance your Masonic journey.

A Most Valuable Resource

Experience the profound power and enriching knowledge that awaits you within the realm of the AASR. You will embark on an extraordinary path, immersed in time-honoured secrets, revered traditions, and the invaluable wisdom of Freemasonry. Our esteemed Rite will unlock the limitless potential for transformation where, if you aspire to lead, the Illustrious 33° beckons.

AASR Australia Region 1

Although this website profiles Region One, as defined by the Supreme Council 33° for Australia, the information contained within is equally applicable to the other seven Regions that span the Australian continent. Further, you will learn of the Rite’s global history, and the autonomous yet collaborative authority held by Supreme Councils 33° across the earth.


What is The Craft

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth? Look no further than your local Masonic Lodge, known as a Craft Lodge, where the path to enlightenment begins.

As a candidate for Freemasonry, you will be embraced by a vibrant community that values tradition and fosters individual development.

Starting with the ancient initiation ceremony of the Entered Apprentice Freemason Degree, you will embark on a transformative journey of education and mentorship. Progressing through the Fellow Craft Degree and ultimately attaining the sublime Master Mason Degree, you will unlock the door to endless opportunities for advancement.

Our unique system of progressive offices ensures that every member, regardless of their academic or professional background, can evolve into a future leader, equipped with confidence, compassion, humility, and sincerity – traits that prepare you to lead your Lodge.

Together, we strive to fulfill our noble mission of “making good men better” and extending this positive impact to their families, partners, and our global community.

If you are ready to embrace this extraordinary path, reach out to the Grand Lodge governing your State or Country today. The next step in your remarkable journey awaits.

What is The Scottish Rite

The Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, the largest global Masonic Order, stands as a compelling force after the Craft.

Revered end enshrined in best-selling novels and blockbuster Hollywood movies, the Scottish Rite, and its often mischaracterised 33rd Degree, beckons Master Masons of high repute in their Craft Lodge to seek admission.

What sets the AASR apart, and absolutely unique, is its seamless and sequential journey, encapsulating the essence of Masonic exploration within a single Order – a true Rite. Its Degrees harmoniously amalgamate the teachings of diverse Masonic Orders, encompassing the fabled Hiramic legend’s culmination, philosophically and judicially significant lessons, and virtuous conduct rooted in chivalry, honour, and integrity.

In Australia, unlike the Craft with its distinct Grand Lodges in each State or Territory, the Scottish Rite exercises jurisdiction, under the Supreme Council 33° for Australia, across the entire continent fostering familiarity and camaraderie in meetings regardless of a member’s travels.

If you are a Master Mason yearning to embark on this invaluable odyssey, I extend an invitation to embrace this enlightening and highly authoritative online resource.

Why not share your journey with fellow brethren.

Do you want to be a Freemason?

You enter Freemasonry through your local Craft Lodge. Only your State or Country’s Grand Lodge can receive your application. The Links page contains the details for Australian Grand Lodges. You must already be a 3° Master Mason of a Craft Lodge before you can progress to the Rite.