The Grand Consistory

What is a Consistory

A Consistory is a Warranted body convened by members who hold, and are skilled and experienced in conferring, the higher Degrees. Most Regions have a Consistory. Should a Consistory be unavailable, the ceremony may be convened by holders of the 33° and 32°, and 31° in the Tribunal.

Consistory Membership

Membership of a Consistory is open to holders of the 33° and 32°. Members of these Degrees are invited to become financial members of their Consistory. However, all holders of 31° to 33° are most welcome to not only attend but also assist in the ceremonies.

Region One

A Consistory has a Charter enabling it to travel across its Region to confer on request, with skill and excellence, the higher Degrees. Five of the Regions of Australia have a Warranted Consistory. Waratah Grand Consistory No. 4 was consecrated for Region 1 in November 2016.

Consecration of Waratah Grand Consistory No. 4

Australia has Consistories located in: Sydney NSW, Region 1; Brisbane Queensland, Region 2; Ballarat Victoria, Region 3; Perth Western Australia, Region 4; and Launceston Tasmania, Region 8. Waratah Grand Consistory, being the fourth consecrated within the jurisdiction, was subsequently numbered 4 on the register of Consistories within the AASR for Australia. The Consistory was consecrated on 26 November 2016 at the Orchard Hills Masonic Centre in western Sydney.

The gallery of images above was provided by, and is used with the permission of, V Em Bro Grant 32° KCoM, inaugural Grand Commander in Chief, Waratah Grand Consistory.