Chapters of Improvement

A Chapter of Improvement

The ceremony of Perfection to the 18° in Australia requires that the Intermediate Degrees, i.e. 4° to 17°, which would otherwise require years to attain, be conferred by name and explanation. Chapters of Improvement confer, with skill and excellence, each of these Degrees.

Chapter Membership

Membership of a Chapter of Improvement is open to all members who aspire to instruct, guide and mentor. Each Region has a Chapter of Improvement which will typically work, complete with furnishings and regalia, one Degree per meeting. This schedule will extend over many months.

Region One

A Chapter of Improvement holds a Charter authorising the conferral of the Rite’s Intermediate Degrees. Region One is represented by The Holden Chapter of Improvement. All members are warmly invited to visit their Regional Chapter and witness the full workings of each Degree.

Teachings of the Intermediate Degrees

The Supreme Council for Australia is the only jurisdiction in the world that provides a candidate with the full rituals of the Intermediate Degrees at the ceremony of their Perfection.  The Intermediate Degrees, i.e. 4° to 17°, which were each conferred by name and explanation, may be thereafter studied and contemplated at the member’s comfort and convenience.

The ritual is presented, together with the Regulations of the Supreme Council 33° of Australia, in a beautifully bound 430 page, 3cm thick, hard cover ring folder.

A Chapter of Improvement is available in each of Australia’s eight Regions. All members are warmly welcome to witness and embrace the full ceremony, including the teachings, personal and honourable character traits, and values exemplified in each Degree.

Members who aspire to teach, guide and mentor, are encouraged to become financial members of their Region’s Chapter of Improvement.

The Chapters of Improvement are located in: Artarmon Sydney, Region 1; Maryborough Queensland, Region 2; Warragul Victoria, Region 3; Coolbellup Western Australia, Region 4; South Australia, Region 5; Merewether New South Wales, Region 6; Cranbrook Queensland, Region 7; and Weymouth Tasmania, Region 8.

The Next Four Regional Improvement Events

Please note that event details may not reflect local emergent amendments. If traveling, please check with your Chapter's Recorder or Council's Grand Secretary.