A Tour of Region 1


Region 1 is one of eight geographic areas that divide the vast Australian continent into reasonably administered areas. The Region is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east, with Sydney to the north, Albury to the west, and north-east Victoria to the south.


The Region is subdivided into seven administrative Districts. A District Commander is responsible to Regional Commander for providing proactive leadership, advice and guidance. The office, available only by invitation from Supreme Council, is for a term of five years.

Councils & Chapters

The Region offers nine Sovereign Councils, 20 Sovereign Chapters, one Grand Consistory and one Chapter of Improvement. Three Sovereign Chapters practice the global Universal Ritual. Most Chapters in Australia, by virtue of our UK ancestry, practice the Trinitarian Ritual.

Meet the Regional Commander

D Sully

M∴Ill∴Bro Sully 33°

Regional Commander

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The Next 12 Regional Events

Please note that event details may not reflect local emergent amendments. If traveling, please check with your Chapter's Recorder or Council's Grand Secretary.