The Consistory

A Consistory is formed from members of the 32nd and 33rd Degrees and its role is to work the 31° Grand Inspector Commander, and the 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, for the Region. Members of the 31st Degree take part in the 31° ceremony.

On 26th November 2016 the Supreme Council consecrated a Consistory in Region 1 named Waratah Consistory No 4. This was done at the Orchard Hills Masonic Centre in western Sydney. The Consistory has a Charter which allows it to meet at any approved Masonic location in Region 1.

There are now Consistories in Queensland Region 2, Victoria Region 3, and Tasmania Region 8. We are the last to be consecrated thus the number 4.

Members of the Rite who are 32° or 33° do not have to be members of the Consistory but they are welcome to attend whenever a meeting is held. All members of the 31° are also entitled to attend the 31° ceremony.

Below are three images from the Consecration meeting of Waratah Consistory No 4 on 26 November 2016.

 2016 26 Nov 4

 The Regional Commander, M∴Ill∴Bro KL Mobbs 33°, investing the Consistory's Grand Commander in Chief,
V.·.Em.·.Bro Stewart Grant 32° KCoM, with the Gordon Rouge assisted by the Director of Ceremonies
V.·. Ill.·.Bro Costa Lianos 33°


 2016 26 Nov 3

The Officers of Waratah Consistory No 4, from left to right:

Em.·.Bro Jim Jupp 32° CoM Lieutenant Commander
Em.·.Bro Douglas James 32° OoM Grand Prelate
V.·. Ill.·.Bro Allan Drane 33° Grand Secretary
V.·.Em.·.Bro Stewart Grant 32° KCoM Grand Commander in Chief
V.·. Ill.·.Bro Tim Foster 33° Grand Treasurer
V.·. Ill.·.Bro Costa Lianos 33° Grand Master of Ceremonies
Ill.·.Bro Zaldy Angeles 32° Asst. Grand Master of Ceremonies
Em.·.Bro Frank Payne 32° OoM Grand Captain of the Guard
Ill.·.Bro Robert Purdon Grand Outer Guard
Ill.·.Bro David Slater 32° Grand Organist


 2016 26 Nov 1

All members present at the ceremony with the exception of M.·.P.·.Bro Ian Tilbury 33° Sovereign Grand Commander,
M.·.Ill.·.Bro Dominic De Candia 33° Grand Secretary General, and
V.·. Ill.·.Bro Peter Goodridge 33° District Commander Sydney Northern


Submitted by V.·.Em.·.Bro Stewart Grant 32° KCoM, Grand Commander in Chief

Beyond the Craft

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Consistory Meetings

30 Apr 2021
06:00PM - 10:30PM
Waratah Consistory No 4

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