Regalia of the Rite

The regalia worn by all members of the Rite is colourful and beautifully ornate. Regalia includes: collars with suspended jewels; sashes; collarettes with suspended jewels; and if a member of the 33rd Degree Supreme Council, a chain collar with suspended jewel and a distinctive cap. Please note that the regalia for the Rite within Australia was reviewed and redesigned in 2019. The new authorised regalia is now available only through the Grand East. Please do not purchase new regalia through 2nd party suppliers. The regalia pictured below is the older and less ornate style compared to what is now available.


Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Regalia (for Australia)

Degree Collar Collar Jewel Collarette Collarette Jewel Sash Cap
18°  18 collar 120px 18 collarjewel 120px
N/A   N/A N/A   N/A
30° N/A   N/A 30 collarette 120px   30 collarettejewel 120px 30 sash 120px
31°  31 collar 120px 31 collarjewel 120px
31 collarette 120px

 31 collarettejewel 120px
 N/A  N/A
32° 32 collar 120px 
 32 collarjewel 120px

 32 collarette 120px
 32 collarettejewel 120px  N/A  N/A
33°  N/A  N/A 33 collarette 120px   33 collarettejewel 120px
 33 sash 120px
 33 cap 120px





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